“In a first impression you can understand that Kaiser’s work is pushing it’s own boundaries of experience and intensity. She displays a bold and unusual choice, developing the selected idea in depth, in a refined mix of ludic and dramatic expressions, using minimalism as well as an explosive energy.”  Jury Statement ´Pina Bausch Fellwoships 2017

Marie-Lena Kaiser is a choreographer and dancer based in Essen. She graduated in 2016 as a dancer at Folkwang University and has been working successfully as a freelance ever since. She resides and works with larger and smaller dance institutions in NRW such as Pact Zollverein, the Tanzhaus NRW or the Folkwang University of the Arts. She is one of the three residents of the Maschinenhaus Essen supported by a state funding called Mittelzentrenförderung NRW. In 2018, Marie-Lena Kaiser received the Pina Bausch Fellowship, which she spent with the choreographer Horácio Macuácua in Mozambique and various European countries. She is also a permanent member of the company performing: group for young audience. As a dancer she toured with their production TRASHedy though Asia and Europe. Additionally she is a  dancer in Lee Meir’s new production, which will be premiered in April 2021 at Hau in Berlin. Her last work a co-production with the Physical Theater department at the Folkwang University of the Arts ‘those who knew the rules’ premiered recently at Maschinenhaus Essen.

The connection to dancers, independent artists and institutions is particularly important for her work. She asks questions about collective decision-making processes, hierarchical structures and, she dedicates herself through dance to individual and collective movement patterns as well as stuck behaviors in dealing with one another.
The method of improvisation and instant individual movement and expression is one of the main tools in her work. For Kaiser, the training is an important space of knowledge production and power structures – the frictions between authority and autonomy, the disappointments of broken agreements and the frustrations of one’s own failures.
You can access to projects and past work under the Projects. You can also find the latest information on her Instagram profile.

Pics by Marie Laforge und Timo Reinders